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Lady on sunny Sidmouth beach with a spaniel and Cairn terrier

Many people I meet on my trips want to know why I choose to travel with my dogs. Hearing about my stories excites them and they wonder if it’s possible to bring their dog on holiday with them. Soon the conversation turns to the challenges of travelling with my dogs and how I deal with them. So I created The Fido Trail Blog in 2021 to help answer these questions.

The aim of The Fido Trail is to make travelling with your dog easier! I have written lots of articles about dog-friendly travel and safety. There are Inspirational ideas for your holiday destinations and dog-friendly attractions for you to visit. These practical tips will help you have fun planning your next trip.

About Me

Dog walk - Exmouth

Claire – Director of The Fido Trail and Dog Expert

Planner and organiser of dog-friendly travel adventures for The Fido Trail Crew. Researcher of new itineraries, accommodation and attractions.

The Fido Trail Blog – digital marketing – content writer, website developer, on/off page SEO and social media strategies. You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Travelling With My Dogs In The UK

I have taken my dogs to many destinations across the UK. I am always looking for dog-friendly places to visit.  My dogs are happy to go for lunch in a café or dinner in a cosy pub. We enjoy hopping on a tram, boat, train or sightseeing and visiting local attractions. 

I love walking my dogs in the stunning countryside, admiring the views and stopping for picnics. My dogs love a good picnic. Our favourite place for a dog walk is the beach. Not surprisingly you will often find us strolling along one of Devon’s beautiful dog-friendly beaches.  Over the last few years, I have enjoyed touring England, Wales and Scotland.  

Travelling With My Dogs In Europe

Further away from home, I have travelled with my dogs throughout Europe. France, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy to name a few. We are always ready for a new adventure and enjoy exploring new countries and experiencing different cultures. If fact, I lived in Greece for 10 years and frequently go back to visit. 

Road Trips With My Dogs

Road trips are great. I love the planning and preparation. Making sure you have all the necessary documents for border crossings. Researching different destinations, itineraries and dog-friendly accommodation, campsites or hotels. Alternatively, my husband and I will take our mini camper on our journey. 

Our Miro Camper on a campsite in Pembrokeshire
Our Miro Camper on a campsite in Pembrokeshire. Abigail is sat on the grass.

My Memories

I have been travelling with dogs since I was a child. My parents would take our family dogs on holiday with us, and it was great fun for us all.  I always enjoy adventures with my furry friends and have collected many wonderful memories over the years.  Now it is second nature for me to take my dogs on trips. 

“Collect moments, memories and
expiences, not things.”

Live your best life
Mr No Good my Greek rescue dog
In memory of Mr No Good my Greek rescue dog

My Rescue Dogs

Many of my furry friends have been rescue dogs. There are countless dogs abandoned each year and some have not had the best start to life. I believe that these dogs deserve a loving home and I will do my very best to provide that home.    

I love the journey that evolves with your chosen rescue dog and the time spent together. It is greatly rewarded with a close and special relationship that develops. Nothing makes me feel more joyful than a happy, healthy dog.  

Meet The Fido Trail Crew

Cairn Terrier on Lyme Regis Beach

Abigail – Food Guru

Likes food. Any food found will be immediately eaten.

Rescued from a breeder. Had two litters of puppies at two years old and had never been out of her kennel. Consequently, Abigail was scared of everything.

Lots of time and patience later she is a happy sweet girl enjoying life’s adventures

Charlie on Sidmouth Beach

Charlie – Chief Entertainment Officer

Likes to use toys to gain human attention.

Diagnosed with PFKD in August 2022. Charlie’s health issues are monitored on a daily basis, but he continues living his best life.

Man at Seaton Harbour

Austin – Professional Driver

Likes to be in the background, but will occasionally be seen on The Fido Trail blog, Facebook and Instagram.

Final Thoughts From The Fido Trial…

I know many of you enjoy days out and holidays with your dogs. Thus, I would like to share my dog-friendly travel knowledge and experience with you.   

I would love to hear about your adventures and doggy days out. Please share your experiences with us by leaving comments in the box below. 

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