Abigail my Cairn Terrier.

Dog Walks in Springtime Make Me feel Amazing!

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Last Updated on 02/04/2024 by Claire Coney

Dog walks are always a joy in the springtime. Don’t you think?  I think that spring is the best time of year for dog walking. The days are feeling milder, and the nights are less chilly. The daylight hours are drawing out and I am looking forward to walking my dog on balmy sunny days. I love the way the gentle warmth of the sun encourages the flowers to bloom and pop up their colourful heads. I can also see that the leaves on the trees are bursting out of their buds.     

Dog walk on spring days.
Abigail Sniffing daffodils.

Walking my dog at this time of year makes me feel energised and happy to be alive. Spring is a pleasant reminder that summer is just around the corner.     

I am lucky enough to have a beautiful Cairn Terrier called Abigail. She has a shaggy grey, brindle coat with a dark face and paws. She has piercing black eyes, a stout body and short little legs. Abigail is a cheerful little dog who loves to sniff all the wonderful smells on her dog walk. She also considers a bit of squirrel chasing to be good entertainment.  Abigail loves her dog walks!  

Walking The Dog
Dog walks with Abigail.

A short distance from my house Abigail, and I can walk through grassy meadows. We like to crossover the wooden bridge and stroll along the tree-lined brook. I often pause here for a moment to watch the babbling water pass below on its journey to the sea. Sometimes I will even play Poo Sticks while Abigail is sniffing new scents in the grass. It amuses me to watch her. It is as if she is reading the daily news. This always brings a smile to my face. These are magic moments not to be missed when I am walking my dog.    

Willow trees near the stream.
Weeping willows.

The fresh green foliage of the willow trees cascades down over the brook. In the meadow, bright yellow daffodils are waving their heads in the gentle breeze. Pale primroses shade themselves in the hedgerows. While golden buttercups are popping up in the grass.    

Primroses in the hedgerow.

Further, along our dog walk Abigail and I climb a steep grassy hill leaving the town behind us. I reach down to let Abigail off her dog lead. She rushes ahead excited to stretch her legs. But Abigail never goes far and soon stops to look back for me. Happy that I am still there she stops to sniff in the hedgerow. Abigail is a dog that likes to investigate bushes. She gets excited when something is hiding, and she gets to find it. This gives her waggy tailed happiness that only a dog can have.    .  

Dog walk means sniffing bushes.
On dog walks Abigail like to sniffy the bushes.

I take the opportunity to admire the stunning views of the small market town in the valley below. I can see the roofs of the houses. They step gently down the hillside and the church tower looms above them. I feel lucky that I live in rural Devon. Dog walking is easy here. I also think it is fabulous, I do not need a car when I want to go for a walk. Abigail and I can explore dog walks in our local area, discovering amazing places on our doorstep.    

The footpath takes us through a gateway. It is muddy here and the mud clings heavily to my walking boots. It makes the climb to the top of the hill harder, but it is good to be able to move my body. It feels good to be out in the fresh air. It is also a fantastic way to get your exercise. Don’t you think?    

My walking boots.
My muddy boots.

Besides, it is good for my well-being to be out in the countryside. It is a release to be away from the stresses of the office. The demands of the day melt away as I climb up the hill. When I reach the peak, I feel like I am on top of the world. I can see the miniature town laid out below. As I admire the view, I breathe fresh air deep into my lungs. I feel refreshed and energised. I look down beside me and dear sweet Abigail is sitting amongst the buttercups. Her eyes are half-closed soaking up the warm sun.    

Walking my dog on Devon hills
Abigail on the hill.

Abigail and I continue our dog walk along the ridge of the hill. Shortly descending some steps to meet a country lane. I reach down and clip the dog lead onto Abigail’s collar. Abigail trots happily by my side and I am happy too.    

Dappled light falls onto the tarmac through the branches of the trees above. The lane drops away steeply. A trickle of water runs down the side of the lane. Abigail is hot from her dog walk. She paddles in the water to cool her feet. She stops at a small pool to lap a refreshing drink. We soon arrive at the bottom of the valley. It is cool here and has a musty damp smell. We stop for a moment on an old stone bridge to watch the bubbling water rush on down the valley. It is invigorating to listen to the sound of the gurgling water below.    

Walking the dog trail
A walk through the woods

The lane twists and turns as it climbs out of the steep valley. We pass green pastures with cows peacefully eating the fresh new grass. Strong odours of manure waft from a ramshackle farmyard as we pass through. We arrive at the highest point of the walk and the views are stunning. The town is far away, a speck in the distance. The rolling hills behind the town seem tiny from here. The pastures from where I stand flow gently down the hill to meet the town. The sun is shining brightly, but the breeze on top of the hill is sharp. It reminds me that winter has not retreated yet and frosty dog walks will continue for a while.  

A steep footpath takes us away from the lane. I let Abigail off her dog lead, and she speeds through the wild garlic hunting for good smells to sniff. A pungent aroma of the herbs lingers in the air behind her. The path is so steep here I must concentrate so that I do not slip. Abigail is waiting for me by the wooden gate. I put her dog lead back on and we enter the churchyard.     

The headstones are old and covered in moss. I can barely read the names of the long-forgotten people. I wonder who these individuals were. I feel sad that the graves are untended and that these people have disappeared into the past. As I walk through the churchyard the headstones become more recent. The graves here are tended lovingly and are adorned with flowers. The church was abandoned many years ago and is falling into disrepair. The windows are dark and the iron hinges on the wooden doors have rusted. The church looks like a forgotten relic of another era. But it is so peaceful. I can hear the birds singing. And the wind in the trees. All too soon I leave the tranquil churchyard behind me and reach the town limits.    

Walking my dog by the stream.
Dog walks along the Brook.

We walk down the road until we reach the iron bridge. We follow the brook back into the meadow. Abigail stops to smell a bunch of daffodils. She takes her time as she knows that we are nearly home. I wait for Abigail. I am not in a hurry and I feel so relaxed now. I have let go of the stresses of the day. Abigail’s zest for life revives me and calms me in a way that no other therapy can. I am sure that you will know exactly what I mean!    

Now Abigail and I are ready to finish our dog walk and return home. A cup of tea for me and a dog biscuit for Abigail. I think we have earned it after such an invigorating walk.    

Muddy boots and dog lead.
We have arrived home.

Abigail and I would love to hear all about your favourite dog walks and days out. Please use the comments box below to tell us about your fun days out.    

Happy dog walking everyone! 

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