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St Davids – Britain’s Smallest City is Big on Dogs

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St Davids has a population of approximately 1600 people and is well known as the smallest city in Britain. Queen Elizabeth II granted St Davids city status in 1994.   This was due to the city’s important religious heritage and magnificent Cathedral.  The 16th-century city of St Davids is full of charm, narrow streets and pretty stone cottages. It also has plenty of dog-friendly shops, cafes and restaurants for you and your dog to enjoy.  St David is big on dogs and treats will be offered freely. Other activities include guided tours where your dog will be welcome.   

The stunning city of St Davids lays in a beautiful vale next to the Alun River in Pembrokeshire, Wales. St Davids is a fabulous place to visit and will make a perfect day out for you and your dog. 

  • St Davids Cathedral
  • Broad High Street
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  • Cottages in Pembrokeshire
  • St Davids Cathedral flowers
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  • Bishops Priory Ruins
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  • St Davids Bishops Priory
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  • St Davids narrow streets
Dog-friendly city for a Cairn Terrier

The Oriel Gallery  

Austin and I visited St Davids on a cloudy morning. We parked near the Oriel Gallery. The Gallery houses a natural history museum and displays artwork from local artists. It also has a Tourist Information Centre and a Café. Austin and I sat in the picnic area and had lunch before venturing into the city.  

St Davids Broad High Street

The City of St David 

Austin and I walked along St Davids quaint main street. The broad street had a variety of shops, cafes, and restaurants. Austin went into an outdoors activity store and brought some new waterproof trousers. The weather in Wales was changeable, and he wanted to shield himself from the rainy Welsh days.   

I waited for Austin outside the shop with Abigail, our Cairn Terrier. I whiled the time away watching people passed by. The street bustled with people going about their business. Some people hurried about their daily chores. Others sat in colourful cafés chatting. Other people had ice-creams in their hands, trying to eat them before the ice cream melted. Everyone was busy. The city was buzzing with activity.  

Walking towards the towergates

St Davids Cathedral  

Austin and I turned down a narrow lane and entered a broad courtyard lined by pretty stone cottages. At the far end of the courtyard stood a magnificent 13th-century tower gate. I walked underneath the archway and was rewarded with stunning views. The stone cathedral and ruined Priory spread along the valley below. The River Alun ran along the valley like a dark ribbon winding between the buildings. It took my breath away and I took my time to admire the scene.  

David was born on a clifftop in Southwest Wales during a fierce storm. A tiny ancient chapel marks the spot where he was born. Later in life, David became one of the most influential Clergymen in Wales and the patron saint of Wales.   

The cathedral was founded by St David in the 6th century. By the 12th century, in the “Age of the Saints”, the cathedral became an important religious shrine. Two pilgrimages to St David Cathedral were equal to one to Rome. After his death, St Davids bones were laid to rest in a wooden container behind the High Altar.  

Bishops Priory

Bishops Priory  

The medieval Bishops Priory is next to the cathedral and is now a glorious ruin. The Priory dates back to the 14th century, but it has been derelict since the 18th century. However, this medieval ruin still reflects the wealth of the church.  

Community Gardens

St Davids Community Garden  

Leaving the cathedral behind us Austin and I followed the old stone wall. Along the way, Austin spotted a beautiful community garden. We sat in the orchard for a while. Austin and I sat on a bench in the shade of a tree. Abigail waited patiently for Austin to pull her water and bowl from our rucksack. Abigail lapped up her water then laid down in the long grass and wildflowers. The well-kept kitchen gardens were lovely and had lots of fruit, vegetables and herbs.  

Finally, Austin and I left the cool garden. We followed a path that took us through walled fields. Well-worn flagstone steps led us through a wrought iron gate and returned us to the city. It was a fabulous day.   

Dog-friendly place for a Cairn Terrier

Final Thoughts About St Davids City

The city of St Davids is a delightful place to visit and your dog will enjoy it as much as you. Lots of cafes, restaurants, pubs and shops welcome dogs and often dog treats will be offered too. You might like to join a walking tour or a wild food tour of the city. Your dog will enjoy exploring with you. Alternatively, you may prefer a boat trip to Ramsay Island if your dog likes boats.  

Austin and I enjoyed our day out with Abigail and we hope to return again soon. 

If you have been to St David please leave your comment and recommendations for dog-friendly things to do below.

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