Me and my dog on holiday in Looe, Cornwall

5 Geat Reasons To Take Your Dogs On Holiday   

Last Updated on 28/03/2024 by Claire Coney

Do you have dogs and wonder if you should take them on holiday? It’s a great idea. There are lots of benefits to taking your dogs with you. Firstly, you won’t need to leave your dogs behind in kennels. There is also plenty of dog-friendly accommodation on offer. Try enhancing your holiday experience by visiting dog-friendly tourist attractions. You can also immerse yourself in local culture. Go for a swim in the sea or walk by a river in the local countryside.  

My dogs love going on an adventure. They get excited when they see bags being packed and the car is filled. They know that an exciting adventure lies ahead. Here are 5 reasons why you should take your dogs on holiday.  

Dog Friendly Walk on holiday in Cornwall.
Me and Abbie, my Cairn Terrier on a walk in Cornwall.

You Won’t Need to Put Your Dogs In Holiday Kennels.  

When you take your dogs on holiday you won’t be worried about leaving them behind. It can often be stressful leaving your dogs in the Kennels. Particularly if your dog gets anxious when you leave them. I know that I wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving my Springer Spaniel, Charlie for this reason. But most of all I miss my dogs when I am away from them.  

Matching your holiday dates to the availability of holiday kennels can be difficult. Also, Kennels can be expensive. Why not increase your holiday budget instead? Finding dog-friendly accommodations so that you can take your dogs on holiday is a better option.  

Our Miro Camper on a campsite in Pembrokeshire
Our Miro Camper is on a campsite in Pembrokeshire. Abigail is sitting on the grass.

Dog-Friendly Holiday Accommodation Is On The Increase.  

Nowadays lots of people want to take their dogs on holiday with them. Since the COVID puppy boom, there’s been an increase in demand for dog-friendly accommodations. Many hotels, holiday rentals and campsites now also offer dog-friendly services. My dogs love holidays in our micro-camper as well as camping in our tent. This year we have upgraded our tent to a Berghaus Air Tent and I can’t wait to try it out in the summer.  

To find dog-friendly holiday accommodation try the links below.

My dogs on Tenby beach enjoying their holiday
Abigail, Charlie and Austin on Tenby Beach in Wales. It is great fun taking your dogs on holiday

Taking Your Dog on Holiday Will Make You More Active  

Taking your dogs on daily walks will keep you active during your holiday. It is great to relax on holiday, but sitting around in cafes or drinking cocktails at a bar is not good for our health. Having your dogs with you will encourage you to get out and about.

Exploring With Your Dog is Great Fun 

Exploring the local area, you will find beautiful dog walks and dog-friendly attractions. What’s more, your dog will love all the new sights and sounds. It’s also a fabulous way to meet new people and furry friends. The experience will create lots of photo opportunities and many precious memories.  

Taking the Dog to see aa old Carew Castle and tidal Mill.
Taking the Dog to see an old Carew Castle and Tidal Mill.

Dogs Are Great Holiday Companions  

Our dogs are our friends and make great holiday companions. You will get more quality time to spend together, and your bond will grow stronger. Your dog won’t complain, cause arguments or get tired of you. They can help you relax and unwind, but best of all you get to cuddle with your best furry friend.  

Charlie is having a lovely holiday in Cornwall. He loves to play in the sea.

Enjoy your holiday with your dogs. You all deserve it.  

I would love to hear about your holiday in the comment below. 

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