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The Best Dog-Friendly Black Sea Coast Attractions in Bulgaria 

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Are you looking for Dog-Friendly Attractions on Bulgaria’s Black Sea Coast? Then you have come to the right place as I have some fantastic suggestions for you and your dog to try.

The Black Sea Coast in Bulgaria is a paradise for dog and beach lovers alike. I had the opportunity to visit this beautiful region with my two dogs, Abigail and Charlie and My husband Austin, in August 2023 and we had a blast. There are so many things to do and see with your furry friends that you will never get bored. In this blog post, I will share some of the highlights of our trip to the Black Sea Coast in Bulgaria.  


The coastal town of Chernomorets was our base for five weeks. It is located in the southeast of Bulgaria, on the shore of the Black Sea. It belongs to the Sozopol Municipality in the Burgas Province and has around 2,200 inhabitants.  

Chernomorets Burgas Bulgaria

Austin and I, stayed in a guest house with a lovely shady garden which my dogs love spending time in. I enjoyed exploring Chernomorets with Abigail and Charlie and got to know the town well. The name Chernomorets means Black Sea man. But the town was originally called Sveti Nikola (Saint Nicholas). Chernomorets has an Eastern Orthodox church devoted to Saint Nicholas. In front of the church is a landscaped garden called the Garden of Eden. Chernomorets is famous for its football team which was established in 1906 and has a stadium that can hold 12,500 fans.   

One of my favourite places to visit was the café in the park. It was great for morning coffee or afternoon tea and cake. While Abigail and Charlie love their walks on the dog-friendly Black Sea Coast where they could play and swim.    

Chernomorets is a lovely destination for nature lovers and dog owners. You can visit the nearby Ropotamo Nature Reserve and the Arkutino Swamp, where you can hike and watch birds with your furry friend. We were amazed by the stunning landscapes and wildlife we encountered there.   

Chernomorets was a great choice for our vacation on the Black Sea Coast of Bulgaria. I loved this resort because it had everything we needed to relax and enjoy ourselves with our dogs. We could also easily visit other places along the coast and see the beautiful scenery and culture. It was a memorable trip that I would recommend to anyone.  

Vromos Beach – Picturesque Dog-Friendly Bay 

Dog friendly Black Sea Coasr - Vromos Beach Chernomorets Bulgaria
Charlie on Vromos Beach Chernomorets Bulgaria

Vromos Beach is more peaceful and private than Central Beach. It has a combination of sand and rocks and it is a lovely place for swimming and snorkelling. This beach was a short walk from our accommodation and an ideal beach for my dogs. I loved taking my dogs there for morning and evening walks. Tall shady trees lined the beach and Abigail and Charlie could cool off in the water. We also saw some beautiful sunsets over the picturesque bay from this beach.    

Chernomorets Central Beach

Me and my dogs in Bulgaria
Me Abigail and Charlie – views of Chernomorets Central Beach.

Central Beach is the main beach of the town, and for the most part, has sun loungers and parasols. There was only a very small Free Beach. Therefore, it has some limitations for dogs. You can only take your dog there before 7:00 a.m. and after 8:00 p.m. from June until October. I preferred to avoid this beach and go to the natural Vromos Beach instead.  

Gradina Beach – Paradise For Dogs

Gradina Beach is a long sandy beach with azure water and a relaxed atmosphere. The beach is located near Sozopol, about 40 km south of Burgas. Gradina Beach is part of a camping site, but you don’t have to stay there to access the beautiful beach. You can park your car nearby and walk to the beach with your dog. The best part is that dogs are allowed on this stunning beach all year round, even during the peak season. There are also some facilities on the beach, such as showers, toilets, sunbeds, umbrellas, and an Alfresco bar. The beach is usually not crowded, so there is plenty of space for your dog to run and play. There are also some other dogs on the beach, so your dog can socialize and make new friends.  

Dogs on Gradina Beach on the Black Sea Coast Bulgaria.
Abigail found a new friend on Gradina Beach.

My dogs, Abigail and Charlie, love Gradina Beach. It’s a gorgeous place where we can enjoy the sun, the sea, and the company of other dog lovers. We had a wonderful time there in the mornings, splashing in the waves, playing fetch, and making new friends. Gradina Beach is a perfect getaway from the city and a great way to spend quality time with my furry companions. 


Dog friendly Sozopol on the Black Sea Coast Bulgaria.
Austin with Charlie in Sozopol.

A highlight of my trip to Sozopol was walking by the seaside. I loved feeling the fresh air and seeing the beautiful islands. I also explored the old town of Sozopol with its charming stone streets. The market stalls had many interesting things to see and buy. I found a nice park where I could sit and have a drink while my dogs rested in the shade.  

Sozopol is a dog-friendly destination that offers many activities for you and your pup. Whether you want to relax on the beach, explore the historical sites or enjoy the cultural events, you will find something to suit your taste.

You can choose from 2 beaches near the town, Harmani Beach or Kavatsi Beach, which have clear water, soft sand and camping facilities. They also feature beach bars and water attractions for the kids. You can also stroll through the Old Town of Sozopol and see the ancient houses, churches and museums. You can catch a movie in the open-air theatre or have a delicious meal with a sea view at one of the many restaurants. Just remember to keep your dog on a leash and behave well, and you will have a wonderful time in Sozopol.  

Drivers Beach is Wild and Dog-Friendly

Drivers Beach is another hidden gem for dog owners. It is a wild sandy beach with crystal clear water and stunning views. Drivers Beach is one of the most dog-friendly beaches in Bulgaria. It is not very popular among tourists, so you can enjoy peace and quiet. Drivers Beach is situated near the holiday resort of Dyuni, about 40 km south of Burgas. You can stroll along the lovely beach, play with your dog, or swim in the cool water. There are also some cosy places to rest and have a snack in the sand dunes. Drivers Beach is a secret paradise that you and your dog will adore.  

Dog on Drivers Beach on the Black Sea Coast Bulgaria.
Charlie having fun on Drivers Beach.

This natural beach was the perfect place for my dogs, Abigail and Charlie, to have fun. They loved running on the soft sand, chasing each other and exploring the surroundings. Abigail was fascinated by the seagulls that flew over the waves, and she would sit and watch them with curiosity. Charlie was more adventurous, and he enjoyed swimming in the clear blue water, splashing and diving. They were both happy and free on this beautiful beach. I took a day backpack with snacks for Austin and me, dog treats, and a travel water bowl for Abigail and Charlie.


Burgas is a major city in Bulgaria that has a lot to offer for both tourists and locals. It is a city with a long and rich history and culture, as well as a vibrant nightlife and entertainment scene. But Burgas is also a fabulous destination for dog lovers. It has a beautiful beach and a park by the sea that is perfect for walking your dog.

Saxa Beach Welcomes Dogs

Saxa Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Bulgaria, with clean blue water and fine sand. It has many visitor facilities, such as cafes, shops and showers. You can take your dog to the beach, but you have to follow some rules: keep them on a leash, don’t let them swim in the water and clean up after them.  

Take Your Dog To The Sea Garden In Burgas

Burgas dog friendly Sea Garden on the Black Sea Coast Bulgaria.
Burgas Sea Gardens

The Sea Garden is one of the delightful dog-friendly attractions on Bulgaria’s Black Sea Coast that you and your dog will enjoy. It is a large park that stretches along the coast, with amazing views, green areas and fun activities. You can walk your dog in the park, but be mindful of nature and the people around you.   

I had a blast exploring the Sea Garden with my dogs, who loved the coolness of the trees and the fragrant flowers. There were many spots to sit and unwind and water fountains for Abigail and Charlie to drink from.   

Sunny Beach

Try this beach! It is a popular resort town in Bulgaria that welcomes dogs on its beaches. You can take your dog to Central Beach, South Beach, or Kikki Beach and enjoy the sun, the sand, and the sea. Sunny Beach also has a lot of nightlife and entertainment options for you and your dog to have fun. It is a dog-friendly destination on the Black Sea coast. Let me know what you think!

Castle of Ravadinovo   

Castle of Ravadinovo Burgas Bulgaria.
Castle of Ravadinovo

The Castle of Ravadinovo is a unique attraction near Sozopol that will appeal to Game of Thrones fans. It was built by a wealthy businessman who wanted to fulfil his dream of having his own castle. The castle features a moat, colourful gardens, fountains inspired by Italy, medieval weapons and armour, and a variety of animals such as horses, donkeys, ducks, doves and peacocks. There are also places to eat and drink, shops to buy souvenirs, and a photo booth where you can wear fantasy outfits. You can bring your dog along, but make sure they are on a leash. The castle is open every day from 8:30 am to 10 pm, and the entrance fee is 10 leva (around 5 euros) for adults and 5 leva (around 2.5 euros) for children.   

The Castle of Ravadinovo is one of the more usual dog-friendly attractions on Bulgaria’s Black Sea Coast. It was a delightful day wandering around the beautiful gardens, admiring the statues and watching the magical fountains. My dogs, Abigail and Charlie, enjoyed it too, and I was glad to see that it was a dog-friendly place. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fun and relaxing day out.  

Strandzha Nature Park   

Strandzha Nature Park is a huge protected area in Bulgaria, near the Turkish border. It has more than 1100 square kilometres of diverse landscapes, such as woods, fields, streams, cascades and ponds. The park hosts many uncommon or threatened plants and animals, as well as a rich cultural and historical legacy. You can discover the traditional way of life and traditions of the local people who reside in the villages within the park. When you visit Strandzha Nature Park with your dog, keep him on a leash.  

Malko Tarnovo   

Malko Tarnovo is a charming town in the Strandzha Nature Park. It is a beautiful destination for nature and history lovers, as it offers many hiking opportunities in the park. You can discover historical sites like Petrova Niva,  where the Bulgarian rebels fought against the Ottoman Empire in 1903, and Golyamo Gradishte, an ancient Thracian fortress with stunning views of the surroundings. Also, you can visit the Museum of History in Malko Tarnovo to learn more about the Strandzha region and its people. You are welcome to bring your dog along on these trails, but please be mindful of nature and the monuments.  

Malko Tarnovo Town Square.
Malko Tarnovo Town Square.

Malko Tarnovo and its surroundings were a great place to visit with my dogs. We loved the quiet square and the river that runs through the town. It was enlightening to learn about the local culture and traditions. The mountains offered us some breathtaking scenery. We had a wonderful time exploring this area.  

Sinemorets Beach is Dog-Friendly

Sinemorets Beach was one of my favourite beaches where my dogs liked to play, swim and meet other dogs. It is a beautiful and scenic beach with golden sand and blue water. It is located near the village of Sinemorets, about 90 km south of Burgas. Sinemorets Beach is part of a nature reserve called Strandzha Natural Park, which protects the unique flora and fauna of the region. The beach is divided into two parts by a river called Veleka, which flows into the sea. The northern beach is more popular and crowded, while the southern beach is more secluded and wilder. Dogs are allowed on both beaches. There are some facilities on the northern beach, such as showers, toilets, sunbeds, umbrellas, and a restaurant. The southern part of the beach has no facilities, so you have to bring everything you need.  

Dog-Friendly Sinemorets Beach, Black Sea Coast Bulgaria.
Charlie can’t wait to be on Sinemorets Beach.

I had a wonderful day with my dogs, Abigail and Charlie, at the southern beach. It was so peaceful and relaxing to be away from the crowds and enjoy the natural beauty of the sea and the sand. Abigail and Charlie had a blast playing fetch, digging holes, and swimming in the waves. They were so happy and tired by the end of the day. 


Nessebar old town is a fascinating destination for history and culture lovers, as it preserves traces of more than 3000 years of civilization. The town is on a small peninsula linked to the mainland by a thin strip of land. It boasts over 40 churches from various epochs, as well as remains of ancient fortifications, Roman and Thracian buildings and typical Bulgarian houses.

Nessebar Beaches

Nessebar is a lively beach resort offering two main beaches: North and South Beaches. Both are sandy and have blue flag certification for their high standards of cleanliness and safety. However, these beaches are not very welcoming to dogs who are band during the summer (from June to September). If you want to enjoy the beach with your dog in Nessebar, you must go early morning or late evening. Alternatively, look for some hidden spots away from the masses.   

English Springer Spaniel in Nessebar Bulgaria
Charlie – Nessebar, Burgas Bulgaria

I had a lovely time with my dogs in the old town of Nessebar. We got there early before the crowds of tourists arrived. We strolled along the cobblestone streets and admired the ancient wooden houses that hung over the streets. There were many places to eat, drink and shop. But I loved a quiet square by an old church at the end of the town. It was shady under the trees, with a gentle breeze and views of the sea. There was a little beach below where I took many pictures and relaxed with Abigail and Charlie.  Nessebar is one of my favourite historical dog-friendly attractions on Bulgaria’s Black Sea Coast.


Varna is one of the most important cities and ports in Bulgaria, situated on the coast of the Black Sea. It is a lively and modern city, with many cultural, entertainment and shopping opportunities. It also has a long and rich history. It’s the place where the oldest gold treasure in the world was found, dating back more than 6,000 years. You can see some of the gold artefacts in the Archaeological Museum in Varna. There are also other exhibits from different times and civilizations.  

Dog friendly Varna, Black Sea Coast Bulgaria.
Charlie in Varna

Varna has a beautiful Sea Garden along the seafront where you can have a relaxing walk with your dog.  

Varna boasts several beaches, but the most famous is Golden Sands, a 4-kilometer-long stretch of fine sand and clear water. Golden Sands is a lively and crowded waterfront, with many hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs. It is not dog-friendly. Dogs are not allowed on the beach during the summer (from May to October). If you want to take your dog to the beach in Varna, you need to go to some of the smaller and quieter beaches nearby, such as Cabacum Beach or Sunny Day Beach.  

Varna was a lovely place to visit with my dogs. Abigail, Charlie and I enjoyed strolling around the squares and admiring the fountains and the architecture of the churches and the cathedral. However, we were disappointed that we could not park our van near the beach or the sea gardens. The town was very crowded when we visited in August. I would recommend going there early if you want to experience the seaside attractions.   

Shakespeare and Friends Bookshop   

Shakespeare and Friends Bookshop is a cosy and charming bookstore in Varna, where you can find a wide selection of books in English and other languages. It is also a cultural hub and hosts various events, such as book presentations, readings, workshops and concerts. You can visit Shakespeare and Friends Bookshop with your dog, as they are very welcome there. You can browse the books, enjoy a coffee or tea, or join one of the activities. The bookstore is open every day from 10 am to 8 pm, except on Sundays when it closes at 6 pm.   

This bookshop was a marvellous discovery for me. I was looking for new reading books and was pleased to stumble upon this cosy place. My dogs were very well-behaved and waited for me as I explored the shelves. I had a pleasant chat with the friendly American lady who worked there and also met her cute dog. This bookshop was the main reason why I went to Varna.   

Irakli Beach

Try this beach! It is a protected area that offers a natural and tranquil experience of the sea. It is located between Obzor and Byala, and it has several kilometres of coastline with clear water and fine sand. You can observe the diverse flora and fauna that inhabit this region, which is rich in biodiversity. Irakli Beach is not a typical tourist spot, so you can enjoy the silence and the calmness. You are welcome to bring your dog along, but please keep it on a leash and do not harm the environment.  Let me know what you think.

Have a Pleasant Stay on The Dog-Friendly Black Sea Coast

Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast is a stunning destination for you and your dog if you like to explore new places. You can enjoy various attractions and activities that cater to both human and canine interests. You can visit historical towns, natural parks, cultural venues and sandy beaches with your four-legged friend. Just make sure to follow the rules and regulations for travelling with your dog in Bulgaria, and you will have a wonderful time together. I hope this information helps you find dog-friendly attractions on Bulgaria’s Black Sea Coast and have a pleasant stay with your dogs like I did. 

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